Environmental and sustainability policy

Team South East is proud to work in Hornafjörður and we care about our nature and community.  We realize that all active companies have environmental influence on their surroundings, us included.  Our goal is to minimize our harmful effect by being responsible in our usage of resources, destroy waste responsibly and offer our guests an environmental- and socially accountable service.

Our main service area is the National Park of Vatnajökull and we commit to obey the parks laws and always treat the park with the respect and consideration it deserves and in cooperation with the park rangers.

South East ehf commits to:

  • Comply by laws and regulations. All employs have obligation to withhold standards according to our licences, environmental laws and regulations.
  • Mainly use the internet as a marketing tool and minimize all printed advertising and pamphlets.
  • Treat employees, suppliers and guests with fairness and respect.
  • Educate our guests on responsible contact with nature.
  • Always use marked and approved roads and tracks and never leave any permanent marks in nature.  Always use known and safe crossings over rivers and try to never leave any permanent marks on riverbanks.
  • Minimize garbage and waste by:
  • Sorting all trash in the right groups, recycle, organic and general, according to recycle rules.
  • Dispose of harmful waste at a sorting station.
  • Instruct our drivers on sustainable driving.
  • Avoid the use of disposable packaging.
  • Minimize the use of plastic bags.

South East ehf commits to being socially responsible in its surroundings by:

  • Primarily employing local people.
  • Direct our business primarily to our local companies as well as using the environmentally best alternative each time.
  • Take part in environmental events in our local community of Hornafjörður.
  • Annual support to local organizations in our community such as local Lions clubs, local community theatre etc.